Past Achievements 2001 to 2018


Past Mens Honours

2001 County Fours Winners A.Brimley D.Lane D.Corby S. Munn

2003 County Triples Finalists A.Brimley D.Corby D.Jarvis

2004 County Two Wood Triples Winners A.Irons S.Wade J.Torrington

2005 County Fours Winners & E.B.A. Semi Finalists A.Irons S.Wade C.Greasley J.Torrington

2005 County Triples Finalist M.Greasley I.Penn S.Munn

2005 E.B.A Top Club Regional Finalists

2005 County Club Championship Finalists

2006 County Triples Winners E.B.A. Champions Midland Counties Champions  A.Irons S.Wade J.Torrington

2007 British Isles Triples Finalists A.Irons S.Wade J.Torrington

2007 Midland Counties Pairs Winners A.Irons D.Corby

2007 County Under 18s Singles Winner J.Green

2007 County Club Championship Winners

2008 County Pairs Winners A.Irons S.Wade

2008 Midland Counties Pairs Winners A.Irons J.Torrington

2009 National Rink Champions and County Rink Finalists A.Irons S.Wade V.Mayes J.Torrington

2009 County Triples Winners A.Irons S.Wade J.Torrington

2009 Singles Winner  & Midland County Finalist A.Brimley

2009 County Club Championship Winners

2010 County Rink Winners A.Irons S.Wade V.Mayes J.Torrington

2010 County Triples Winners A.Irons S.Wade J.Torrington

2010 National Mixed Fours Semi Finalists A. Irons E. Irons

2010 County Open Under 25 Singles Finalist J Green

2011 County Singles Winner S Wade

2011 County Triples Finalists J Green, C Greasley, S Wade.

2011 County Two Wood Triples Winners G Richardson, D Pitts, D Harrison.

2011 National Semi-Finalists over 60's Mixed Double Rinks.

2012 County Pairs Finalists A Irons, J Torrington.

2012 County Singles Under 25 Winner J Green.

2012 County Two Wood Singles Winner J Torrington.

2012 National Family Pairs Winners S Wade With Father M Wade.

2012 National over 55 Pairs Area Winners T Brimley, J Torrington.

2013 County Singles Finalist S Wade.

2013 County Triples Finalists J Torrington, C Greasley, A Irons.

2013County Rinks Finalists C Greasley, J Lynch, M Greasley, A Irons.

2014 County Triples Finalists G Richardson, J Green, S Wade.

2014 County Singles Under 25 Winner J Renshaw.

2014 National Double Rinks Semi-Finalists.

2014 Top Club Quarter Finalists.

 2015. Marcus Clifton Selected for an England Junior trial and then represented England at the British Isles Junior Men’s International Series in September. He also reached the Quarter-Finals of the Men’s Two-Wood Singles at the Bowls England National Championships in August. And has been awarded Charnwood Senior Sportsperson of the Year for 2015.

2015 Winners of the Leicester & District League Knockout Trophy.

2015 Winners of the County Jubilee Unbadged 2x4.

2015 Winners of the Hinckley & District Triples League Knockout Cup. Blaby A.

2016. National Top Club Reached the last 16 & National Two Fours Reached the last 16.

 2016 J Green and M Clifton members of the Leicestershire Team that won the Balcomb Trophy.

2016 Finalist of the County 4 Wood Singles and Played at Leamington J Lynch

2016 Finalist of the County U/25 Singles M Clifton

2016 Finalist of the Atkins Shield.

2016 Winners of the Leicester and District League.

2016 Winners of the Hinckley & District Triples Knockout Cup. Blaby A. 

2016 Runner Up of Blaby & District Team of the Year 2016.

2016 Marcus Clifton Played for England in the BIBB International Series in Scotland. 

2017 Winners if the Leicester and District League.

2017 Winners of the Leicester and District Knockout Cup.

2017 Finalist of the County Men’s Triples and Played at Leamington Michael Poulton, Lindsay Ford and Michael Greasley.

2017 Winners of the County Men’s Pairs and played at Leamington Marcus Clifton & Tom Renshaw.

2017 Finalist of the County U/25 Singles and played at Leamington Marcus Clifton.

2017 Marcus Clifton played in the Junior Internationals Series played in Wales in September 2017. 


2018 Winners of the Leicester and District League.

2018 Winners of the County Over 60 Pairs Dennis Pitts, Graham Dudley.

2018 Winner of the County Under 25 Singles and played at Leamington Marcus Clifton.

2018  Under 25 International Marcus Clifton.

2018 Middleton Cup Winners Marcus Clifton, Steve Wade, Jonny Lynch, Tom Renshaw

and Joe Renshaw.

Past Ladies Honours

 2001 E.W.B.A. Two Wood Benevolent Triples D.Foreman P.Blair E.Corby

2004 County Triples Winners E.Corby P.Towers A.Clarke

2006 County Fours Finalists J.Irons E.Irons B.Hextall A.Clarke

2006 County Champion of Champions Finalist E.Irons

2007 County Fours Finalists J.Irons E.Irons B.Hextall A.Clarke

2008 County Champion of Champions J. Irons

2008 County Over 55s Finalists J.Groom M.Hobbs (Kibworth)

2008 Winner Leicestershire Patrons Day B.Needham

2010 Winner Leicestershire Patrons Day S Liquorish

2013 Finalist of the County 2 Wood Singles and played at Leamington  J Irons

2015 Finalists of the County 4 Wood Pairs and played at Leamington E Irons and J Irons.

J Irons also a member of the Leicestershire Team that were Runner-up in the Johns Trophy.

2016 Finalist of the County 2 Wood Singles and reached the last 16 at Leamington J Irons.

2017 M Hinson Awarded Her Full County Playing Badge.

2017 J Cleaver Awarded Her Full County Playing Badge.

2017 I Turner Awarded Her Full County Playing Badge.

2017 Finalists of the County Ladies Triples and Played at Leamington Jill Cleaver,

 Kath Murray & Janet Irons.